About Vilovafurs

  • Established in 2018 by two creative New Yorkers with Russian origins, Vilova fashion house is a luxury fur coats and jackets brand designed in the heart of Manhattan and produced in partnership with local manufacturers. Inspired by New York magical, vibrant and trend setting atmosphere we adapted our fur coats vision to the contemporary women dynamic lifestyle.

    Revolutionizing the fur coats philosophy, we use lightweight, exquisite materials in pastel colors, with uniquely printed linings and personalized patterns, crafted specifically for each piece by our artistic team. Distinguished by classic styles with modern and minimalist twist, audacious design and uncompromising quality of mink, we are reinventing urban winter chic and elegance in every detail, allowing our customers to express themselves.

    Advocating for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, we carefully source our fur skins in North America and Scandinavia doing business only with socially responsible and ethical fur farms. You can read more about sustainability of natural fur products on our blog.

    We proudly take our origins back to 1990s when a family business was launched in Russia with classic mink, sable, fox coats with the best quality furs sourced in Russia, Greece and Scandinavia. Continuing to honor the heritage of our company we launched a modern version of the brand in New York this fall with the support of bloggers, stylists and editors from fashion magazines like Elite Traveler, Town & Country and others.

    Our coats are available for purchase online with options for private fittings within New York City area at our studio in Columbus Circle, New York or at your home. We have free delivery with a messenger within the tristate area and free shipping all over US and internationally.